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World Bioenergy Association

Together with our members

• We work for an increased use of biomass in the global energy system
in the markets for heat, electricity and biofuels
• We follow the principles of sustainable, efficient and economic biomass development
• We influence and inform the public opinion in favor of sustainable biomass solutions
worldwide and in particular countries
• We cooperate with global institutions such as UNEP, UNFCCC, IEA, IEA Bioenergy,
IRENA, REN Alliance, FAO, REN 21 etc. towards the target 100% Renewable

How we work?

Office in Stockholm, Sweden
Our board: 22 members from 5 continents (Africa 4, Americas 6 , Asia 6, Australia 1, Europe 5)
Our members: companies, associations, individuals from all over the world
Main issues:biomass potential, sustainability of biomass, small scale heat with biomass, combined
heat and power, future of biofuels, carbon neutrality of biomass, bioenergy statistics, biomass trade
Main activities: fact sheets, projects, position papers, presentations in conferences, workshops, and
supporting biomass trade with the platform: BioenergyConnect.net

What kind of membership is possible?

Full members
Bioenergy associations on regional, national or international level, (fee between 300 and 5.000 Euro annually,
depending on situation and size)

Associated members
Companies, energy agencies, research institutes, consultants working in the field of bioenergy (fee between
300 and 5.000 Euro annually, depending on situation and size)

Individual members
Individuals, interested in the global development of bioenergy as sustainable and renewable energy source
(fee 50 Euro annually)

WBA: benefits of membership?

• strenghten of the lobbying in favor of biomass on a global scale
• exchange of information and experience between the bioenergy sector world wide
• possible cooperation in working groups and projects
• access to new global studies and informations about bioenergy

We invite you: join WBA!

Heinz Kopetz, President, World Bioenergy Association
Stockholm, September 2012

What are the membership fees?

The fees depend on the size and the specific situation of a member and vary between 300 and 5.000 Euro per year. Individuals pay 50 Euro. The fee is set by the future member according to the following table.

Form of membership

characteristics of the member working in the area of bioenergy


Full members

large international bioenergy association



medium sized international bioenergy association or big national association



national biomass association,



biomass associations at the beginning of their work


Associated members

global operating companies leading in their sector



large international companies



medium sized companies



small companies, consultants



energy agencies, research institutes, think thanks in general and
organisations in relation to agriculture and forestry



energy agencies, research institutes, think thanks in developing countries



interested in bioenergy



Send your application online on www.worldbioenergy.org, or fill in this form:


would like to sign up as a Full Member of the World Bioenergy Association
            I suggest the following fee:                             /year

I would like to sign up as an Associated Member of the World Bioenergy Association
            I suggest the following fee:                             /year

I would like to sign up as an Individual Member of the World Bioenergy Association

Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Board. The Board reserves the right to admit or refuse an application for membership. In case of a refused application, the applicant may apply to the General Assembly for a reversal of the decision.



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Mrs. Karin Haara, World Bioenergy Association, Torsgatan 12, SE 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden
Fax: +46 (0)8 —441 70 89, E-mail: karin.haara@worldbioenergy.org

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